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Montessori Teacher’s Training

Starting in 2006, Happy Hours school has set up the 1st ever internationally certified Montessori Training center in Odisha. Over the last 14+ years, the training center has trained over 500+ pre-school teachers with the internationally accredited Montessori teachers training programme.
  • Since 2006

    Happy Hours Training Centre has trained pre-school teachers and helped set up schools all over Odisha.

  • 500+ Trained

    Successfully trained the teachers with the right knowledge & skillsets for early childhood education.

  • 5 Star Rated

    Happy Hours is the most trusted and recognized training institute with state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Placements

    The training center not only trains the teachers to be future-ready but also supports with placement assistance.

The Montessori Method of Education, developed by Maria Montessori, is a child-centered educational approach that encourages the natural growth of learning in children.

  • Overall Child Development

    The Montessori training works on the child's physical, social, emotional, cognitive development.

  • Freedom within limits

    The overall learning of the child happens in an environment that gives flexibility and freedom in a child.

  • Online & Classroom Training

    The training offers both the options: Personal contact classes as well as an online training module.

  • International Certification

    The Montessori training gives students an opportunity for internationally recognized program.

  • Teaching Career

    The Montessori trained teachers are exposed to latest teaching methodology and techniques.

  • Our goal is to create an institution that not only brings the best in each child but also create skilled teachers who can help create such kids.

    ~Nidhi Dhawan


Who can be benefitted from this Montessori training programme?

This training programme is for everyone who is willing to have meaning for their career.

If you would like to be an effective early childhood educator or would like to maintain work-life balance, this course serves it all.

Young candidates freshly graduated from college to experienced professionals. Homemakers to women who are on a career break can be benefitted out of this training programme.

  • Graduated Students
    Who would like to kick-start their most fulfilling teaching career.
  • Aspiring Teachers
    who would like to be successful pre-school teachers with the most advanced teaching skills.
  • Homemakers
    who aspire to have a rewarding job that helps them enhance their teaching abilities.
  • Professionals
    who are looking for a career of purpose with a better work-life balance.

Placement Assistance

There has been a significant demand for quality trained and internationally certified pre-school teachers across the country and also internationally. At Happy Hours, we are committed to fulfilling the demand with well trained and certified teachers who can work with confidence and utilize every opportunity coming their way.

At Happy Hours, we not only emphasize on quality training but also support the trained teachers with dedicated placement assistance. We are in fact associated with schools across Odisha and India and help them with their placement requirements. Over the last 14+ years, we have successfully placed over 500+ teachers in recognized schools across India.

We have been educating children for over 35+ years. Over the years, the school has consistently maintained high standards in early childhood education.

The Montessori Training institute aims to provide the trainees with a structured framework to develop a high level of professional competence as teachers of the Montessori Method.

  • Develop a high level of professional teaching competence
  • Improved career prospect that is internationally recognized
  • Enhanced teaching abilities that focuses more on learning
  • A respectable career with high paying jobs
  • Learning Flexibility both online and classroom training
  • Affordable training programme
  • Structured Courses

    Practical Life Exercises, Sensorial Exercises, Language Exercises, Math Exercises, Geography/ Culture Exercises.

  • Practical Exposure

    Realtime, hands on learning experiences for trainees.

  • Project Work

    Project work and Research Material approved by Course Director.

  • Examination

    Florida Montessori Certification External Examination Pass.

Start your teaching career that is fun and rewarding


Thank you for a being a part of Happy Hours Family
    • Jessica Patnaik
      Teacher, SAI International School

      Jessica patnaik - Montessori Teacher SAI international school

    • Completing the Montessori Teachers Training Course opened up a wide variety of career opportunities for me not only in the classroom but in the world of education as a whole. It gave me a strong base and a broad understanding of how to interact with children regardless of their age.

    • Suman Mohta
      Teacher, Happy Hours School

      Suman Mohta - Teacher Happy Hours School

    • Montessori teachers training has developed my entire personality. It is because of this training that I know in real sense what patience, presence of mind and communication really means.It has helped me understand how to become an ideal teacher and how to behave socially.

    • Lopamudra
      Teacher, Happy Hours School

      Lopamudra - Teacher, Happy Hours School

    • Teaching is a noble profession. And when you have the passion and desire to guide the children at their early stages with the right qualification, no one can stop you from fulfilling your desire. The Montessori Program by Happy Hours made me a trained and certified teacher.

    • Sasmita Biswal
      Teacher, Happy Hours School

      Sasmita Biswal - Teacher, Happy Hours School

    • Being a Montessori Teacher, you become creative, compassionate and dedicate yourself to improve the lives of children. The course offered by Happy Hours is high-quality and you learn advanced teaching methods and techniques.

    • Nirlipta Mohanty
      Teacher, St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School

      Nirlipta Mohanty - Teacher, St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School

    • Hands down the best Montessori Teachers Training (MTT) available in Orissa. Instructors/trainers are patient, thorough and highly professional.

    • Shriya Patnaik
      KIIT International School

      Shriya Patnaik - KIIT International School

    • The Montessori Training course provided by Happy Hours has helped me to prepare for a diverse classroom teaching. The training has made my teaching skills flexible and has updated my knowledge.

    • Bandana Patnaik
      Teacher, Happy Hours School

      Bandana Patnaik - Teacher, Happy Hours School

    • Dealing with the children at their early stages of Childhood requires a lot of patience and it is also very essential to learn the right communication skills to communicate with the kids. The Montessori Training has made me a competent teacher!

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